Giving you the most Kissable Lips

Joshua Originals Testimonies


After taking Accutane several months my lips begin to crack and bleed from the medication. I’ve tried several products on the market with no relief, until I discovered Joshua Originals lip conditioner at Erewhon, my local health food store. Immediately, I felt the oils start softening my lips as I used it the entire day. Three days later my lips are back to normal. I will continue using this product even after I’m off the medication. I love this product.


I love the outdoors, and exposure has in the past made my lips extremely dry to the point of cracking and bleeding. I’ve used almost every lip balm on the market and nothing has protected my lips and other areas of my face better than Joshua Originals. I love that it’s all natural too, because I have a vegan organic lifestyle that Joshua Originals supports. Great product, keep up the good work.


For over fifteen years and I have traveled to the most popular ski resorts, and experienced some of the roughest weather on some of my trips. I believe in natural products and try to find the best products for my lip care. I was using one of the popular natural lip balm until I found Joshua Originals. It’s great, I love the wide surface area that covers my lips, and the protection from the weather and high altitudes. Joshua Organics, I’m glad I found you.


First I’d like to say, I love this product, vegan and organic, what’s not to like. It has everything to give me buttery soft fresh lips, a first for me. I also like the minty taste and moisture sheen on my lips, and the clean smell of the Spearmint and how it refreshed my breath. I’m glad I found this product and every time I put it on it makes me want to smile.