Joshua Originals is a proud US based company, our premium lip conditioner is bound to revolutionize the lip care industry. Our mission is simple, set forth a new standard of excellence by utilizing our proprietary process of blending oils and extracts. All of our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality suppliers from around the world. Joshua Originals Lip Conditioner revitalizes chapped lips and dry skin using the lost science of herbal alchemy as our foundation.

Words from our chemist, “Chapped lips provide a direct pathway for bacteria and other diseases to enter our bloodstream. Moisturizing and protecting your lips provides overall health and wellness when used daily. See for yourself how our superior hydrating formula renews your lips. Joshua Originals Lip Conditioner is like no other lip care product on the market today. We invite you to experience the next level in natural cosmetics.”

Our team leaders are pioneers in the skin care industry with over fifty years of research science; we have tested and retested countless potions, elixirs and herbal formulations.  This year we have plans to expand into affiliate marketing and help create new jobs, while building an expanding health conscience society.